Why am I a one-man show? because I don’t want to give away the trade secrets to being #1 on maps and search engine results. It’s not easy being number one and not everyone can be #1.  I don’t have a public office, this is how I can sell my websites and an affordable price.  I know many business and websites secrets, this is how I’m able to compete.  Honestly, sometimes others slow me down.  I got tired of graphic art guys not getting it right and taking to long so I learned the skill and got a subscription to licensed content.  Anyone can build a website but can they get your website into all the proper channels of distributions? Are you even gathering customer email addresses? Many small companies are still making the same mistakes. They believe paying more for a website will result in more customers.  THIS IS WRONG! I even see ads targeted at me telling me I need to charge more than $3,000.  I don’t know about you but I don’t let ads tell me how to run my life.  If I charged $10,000  I would never get a client.  I suggest companies invest more in social media while it’s still affordable and available.

I make websites for middle and small businesses.  Large and Corporate companies should have a marketing department within the company.   How do you rank higher, which will get you more leads?   Good honest reviews.  This comes from good customer service and satisfied customers.  A website will make you more creditable and lets your share promos, offers and specific information.  I also link the websites to search consoles which will show you how many people found, called and got directions.

The goal of a website is to get leads but most importantly keep the customer engaged for as long as possible.  This helps them keeps you in brand recall and top of mind.  There are many extra secrets I apply when making a website to improve results.  Your domain name also plays an important role.  The biggest problem I see is social media.  I can share your website on social media platforms at a cost but it’s the content is more important than the budget.  Stop being shy!  Record, edit and share.  With the phones available now anyone can be a movie star.  It doesn’t have to be extreme but be consistent in your message.  Say it with me, “Like, Share and Subscribe!”  Ask and you shall receive, sometimes that’s all it takes.

I like to send them a special verified link that takes the customer straight to the reviews portion of your search listing.  If you ask in person, they may forget but if you have their email or phone you can easily send them the link and start stacking reviews.  You can’t remove a bad review even if you can prove it’s a troll but when customers see an overwhelming number of 5-star reviews, they’ll look past those bad ones.

The finale, do I need a blog?  You already have one on a controlled social media platform, why wouldn’t you implement this on your website.  Use your search engine optimization data to write real meaningful articles that relate to your industry using those key terms in the results.  That’s the goal and it takes time but it’s also a snowball if you keep it going.  Move to slow and it melts away over time because everyone is constantly fighting to be #1 on the worldwide-web.