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FDZ Team is here to help you grow. Work with us and we will develop a strong network of individuals who all want the same thing. Success. We are always on the look out for talented, hard working, creative people. It doesn’t matter where you are located, you can work with us. What do you have a passion for? Photography? Sales? Marketing? Web Design? Programming? Graphic Design? Starting your own business? If you are interested in something more, contact FDZ. Are you looking for a job that can turn into a career? We can make that happen. Yes, it does take work from you but it will be worth the effort. Ask your friends, ask your family members if they could use our sevices (Web Design, Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing, Photography, Business Strategies and more.)

What FDZ can do for you.

Marketing Consultants – Network with individuals who are making an impact around you. Make your net worth grow with your social network. Start a team and manage them with the latest sales techniques developed directly by FDZ. Reach out to new clients and set goals for yourself. Follow up with potential clients and we’ll do the rest. For more information and a direct interview, call us today at 1.888.530.1119.

Web Development – Are you experienced with Adobe Suite, XHTML, HTML5 and CSS3? We have to hear from you! If you can develop a relationship with a client and with us, let’s talk.

Photography – Do you have a passion for taking photos? Are you active on the social media networks? This is a great avenue to make money and turn your passion into a career. Contact us today.

Graphic Designers – Work directly in the FDZ network and begin working on projects within your own community. With this strategy, you will work directly with business owners and entrepreneurs.

Programmers – We are always looking to grow by offering more services and reaching more clients. We are looking for those who are experienced in, MySQL, PHP, ASP.NET, MS access,

Mobile App Developers – Are you able to create a mobile application in a timely manner? We want to hear from you. Contact us if you have any knowledge and/or experience in mobile app development.